Governors Grant Swim Team The Piranhas
The team was established in 1997. They entered the Columbia Swim League the following year.
The team is made up of GG residents and non-residents only as space allows.
Funds from GG POA have NEVER been used for swim team equipment, meets and/or team supplies. All fund collected from participants to cover expenses to participate in swim league, supplies.

For information on the Governors Grant Swim Team, please contact :
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Katrinda Scott 865-719-6184 or
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Kristin Young 803-351-1223

The Governors Grant pool is a neighborhood amenity. It is intended solely for the use and enjoyment of our property owners, and not
intended for commercial use. The following rules are necessary for the protection and safety of our residents and their guests. Rules will be enforced by the Governors Grant Property Owners Association (GGPOA) through the Board. Governors Grant Board and Association assume no responsibility for an accident on connection with the use of the pool or cabana areas and are not responsible for the loss or damage to personal property. In addition to the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) rules posted, the following rules will apply:

Pool Access
10:30 a.m.–10:00 p.m. Monday – Thursday (during Swim Team Season)
10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. Daily
10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. Daily - Lane 1 Lap Swimming
6:00 – 8:00 am. – Daily - Adult Lap Swimming

Pool Requirements for use:
1. Residents must scan your FOB when you enter. 
2. All residents should sign in at gate with name, address, phone, and family # attending.
3. Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older.
4. Residents may bring up to 4 Guests.
5. All residents are responsible for their guests
6. Residents are responsible for cleaning the area of use during each visit.
7. All umbrellas should be closed, tied, and secured after use.
Pool Safety
1. NO GLASS allowed inside the pool or cabana areas, at any time!
2. NO SMOKING or Vaping allowed inside the pool or cabana areas, at any time!
3. NO Food is allowed in the pool.
4. The following behavior is NOT allowed in the pool or cabana areas:
o Diving, running, pushing, rough play, chicken fighting, etc.
o Profanity, inappropriate public display of affection, excessive drinking/drunkenness.
5. NO standing or jumping on pool furniture.
6. NO individuals with open sores, wounds, bandages, or infections are allowed in the pool.
7. NO shirts, shorts, or cut-offs. Proper swimwear is required at all times.
8. NOT allowed in the pool or cabana areas: Pets, bikes, rollerblades, skates, basketballs, and water
9. No throwing hard objects, at any time. This includes tennis balls & footballs.
10. Only swim diapers are allowed in the pool and kiddy pool (for ages 5 and under).
11. All persons must leave the pool and deck area in the event of thunder or lightning for a period of 30
minutes from the last occurrence.

Pool Courtesy
1.   Floats and small balls are permitted, but request limiting during peak times.
2.   Please be courteous when playing music by keeping the volume at a level that does not disturb others.
3.   Residents are asked to be courteous and move out of Lane #1 for lap swimming. Lap swimmers have
4. Please use lost and found bin for toys, goggles, miscellaneous swim items. Bin located in the cabana
area.Pool Violations
1. Pool violations should be reported immediately by contacting a GG Board member, CAMS Property Mgt,
or Pool Chairman listed through site.
2. The GGPOA Board of Directors will determine the severity and consequences of the violation.
3. Violations may result in written reprimand or suspension/loss of pool privileges for the owner and/or

In the event of an emergency, please call 911. Other issues or concerns, please contact the GG Pool Chairman
or a GG Board member.

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7:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.
Courts are for Tennis and Pickleball ONLY!
Access is limited to Governors Grant Residents using their FOB for entry.

Guests: Homeowners/residents are responsible for their guests and must accompany their guests when using the Tennis Court.
No commercial activity is permitted.
Courts are for private use only!

General Court Rules:
◦ No skateboards, scooters, roller blades, bikes, or other riding vehicles allowed on courts
◦ No glass containers
◦ No smoking or vaping allowed inside the court area
◦ No pets or other animals allowed inside the court area
◦ No street shoes are permissible. Smooth-bottomed tennis shoes only
◦ Hang squeegee rollers on the fence
◦ Children under 11 years of age must be accompanied by an adult

Online Reservation System through in Amenities:
◦ Court reservations are available 24 hours in advance
◦ One Court per resident may be reserved for a time block of up to 1.5 hours
◦ No resident shall be allowed to reserve the courts for consecutive time periods.
◦ Please delete reservation if unable to use court
◦ Reservation is forfeited if resident player is 10 minutes lateIt is the responsibility of the residents to see that these rules and restrictions are adhered to.

Resident / Guest privileges can be revoked at any time due to rule violations. Careful as surface may be slippery when wet or dirty.
Thank you for keeping the tennis court areas neat and clean!
By entering the tennis courts you acknowledge and agree to abide by the forgoing and waive any claim again the association
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Old FOBS prior to April 2021 Will Not Work
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Old Fobs are Oblong
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New Fob is Round
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New Residents can fill out and submit the Key Fob Form under the Forms section or contact Board Member, Karen Campbell with homeowner name, address, email & cell number Homeowners receive 2 free FOBS For access to the pool & tennis courts.
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Additional FOBS are $10 and billed through CAMS Portal
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Residents who are moving should turn in their FOBS when selling.
They will not work for the new homeowner
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You may call/email Angela Adleman or check the calendar at for available dates.
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The clubhouse is for Governors Grant property owners and their guests only.
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The property owner using the building must be present during the function at all times.
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No commercial business activity is allowed.
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Reservation will be confirmed by email after Reservation Form and payment are received.
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Resident homeowner may bring up to 4 Guests.
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Reservations must be made 2+ weeks in advance.  Last minute reservations will not be allowed.
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Access the facility by using your assigned pool card/fob. If you do not have a card/fob please note that on the reservation form so one can be assigned to you.
Information about the Clubhouse :
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There is a kill switch located near the alarm control panel beside the door which will allow the door to remain unlocked during the function. You must flip the switch up when you leave the building or the door will not lock.
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The office is not part of common areas and is not available to the homeowners.
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A switch on the top row of the left side wall turns on all outlets. Leave on at all times.
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Do not tape or attach anything to walls or furnishings. Table and mantle pieces are fragile and should not be handled.
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Do not move furnishings without prior permission.
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Do not park in the grass. You are responsible for your guests.
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The property owner who rents the clubhouse is responsible for any and all damages that occur during the rental and for damages that occur if you leave the doors unlocked.
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Failure to abide by any of these guidelines, shall result in suspension of rental privileges and the applicable fines.
Leaving the Facility :
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Please clean immediately after your party.  Failure to clean before the cleaners arrive the next day may result in forfeiture of all or part of your deposit.
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Please bag all trash and leave it inside the back door. Empty the refrigerator.
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Return all tables and chairs to the storage closet.
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Wipe counters and wipe up spills on the floor.
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Turn off all interior lights. Leave porch lights on.
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Fans remain on at all times. Do not turn them off.
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Lock the rear door and all windows before exiting the building.
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Return thermostat to heat mode at 65*F in winter or cool mode at 80*F in summer before leaving the building.
You must contact Angela Adleman with CAMS, to verify that the date you have selected is available. The completed Clubhouse Reservation Form/Policy and checks must be received before you reservation can be confirmed.
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In the event of an Emergency

Problems, damage, or issues with the courts, residents should contact CAMS property management at / Caprice Taylor or / Angela Adleman immediately.

If an emergency, please call:
CAMS at 877-672-2267  

GG Board members can be reached by email through the website:

GG Pool & Clubhouse address:  444 Oak Haven Drive
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